Why I’m Running


Many people have asked me why I’ve decided to wade back into the tumultuous waters of politics, and the answer is simple — I have unfinished business. As I said when I ran for Kentucky Attorney General and won in 2003, I will not rest until the people responsible for planting these seeds of destruction are held accountable in Kentucky courtrooms. I was the first attorney general in the nation to sue Purdue Pharma, and I fully intend to hold those equally complicit accountable as well.

While we cannot fix the devastation for Kentucky families who have lost loved ones, we can and will hold those responsible financially accountable and work with the General Assembly to use those funds for treatment for those still battling the scourge these corporate pushers helped create. Kentucky currently has multiple lawsuits pending against drug manufacturers and distributors, and I intend to see them through.

These corporate drug pushers are no better than the cartel drug syndicates. My opponent is relying on these big drug companies to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars to help his campaign. After all, he’s a former Washington lobbyist whose salary was paid by the very drug pushers he claims he will prosecute, because they know I won’t back down.

Experienced & Independent Prosecutor:

I started out my prosecutorial career as an assistant county attorney not long after earning my law license. Shortly thereafter, I wanted to help shape the laws of the Commonwealth and ran for and won elected office as a state legislator becoming Majority Floor Leader and later Speaker of the House. I eventually ran for and won the office of the attorney general, serving from 2004-2008.

During my time as attorney general previously, I prosecuted corruption in Frankfort – by both Democrats and Republicans. There is no room for partisan politics in the office of the attorney general, and I have and will hold everyone equally accountable to the law. I am dedicated to upholding our state and federal constitutions, and firmly believe personal opinions and politics have no place in that office.

Because of his lack of experience practicing law, my opponent doesn’t even constitutionally qualify to be attorney general until less than two weeks before the election. I have practiced law in Kentucky for over 40 years. I’ve written many laws as a state legislator myself. And I’ve upheld the law as your attorney general. I have the proven experience to do this job, because of my courtroom experience both as a private attorney and as a prosecutor, and because I’ve served as your attorney general before. Kentuckians need an experienced steady hand in the office of the attorney general. I am the only candidate in this race you can count on for that.

Kentucky Bureau of Investigation:

When I was your Attorney General, I established the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation to combat the drug epidemic, fight public corruption and recover lost tax dollars from things like Medicaid fraud.

As Kentucky Attorney General I selected David James, a former Louisville Metro Police Officer and current president the Louisville Metro Council, as the first director of the KBI. At the direction and leadership of my office of the Attorney General, James lead the unit in investigating various crimes involving illegal drugs and opioid distribution, public corruption, Medicaid fraud, senior and child abuse, and murder cases.

I’ll reestablish the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation to make sure you have a watchdog on your side in Frankfort.

Child Predators:

As your attorney general previously, my staff and I took the problem of child predators very seriously. Because of our efforts, our office was featured on NBC’s “To Catch a Predator,” conducting a number of stings across the state. I was horrified by what I saw — I was personally at these stings and looked evil in the eyes.

I can assure you that as Kentucky attorney general we will continue to aggresively go after child predators with tested and new technology, partnering with some of the many national groups targeting individuals working in the sex trafficking business. I can promise you we will show no mercy to those caught.

Consumer Protection:

As a state legislator I supported making the Public Service Commission elected rather than appointed. As attorney general, I investigated utility companies for violating the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act by unreasonably raising rates on Kentuckians. As your attorney general, I’ll continue to fight greedy corporate interests on your behalf to keep your utility rates low and reasonable.


I was the first Kentucky attorney general to bring the office of the attorney general to the people. Because I believe that government should be accessible to all the people, I opened field offices across Kentucky — Benton, Louisville, Prestonsburg, and Maysville — to make it more convenient for citizens to visit and communicate with our staff. If elected, I will make sure to continue to make Frankfort accessible to people from all corners of the Commonwealth.