My Fellow Kentuckians:

2019 has become a scary place for us. Threats to our voting system make it hard to know if your vote is being counted — and as the only candidate for Attorney General with experience protecting your vote and your right to a free and fair election, I want to talk about voter purges.

Last time I was AG, more than 8,000 voters were wrongly purged from voter rolls by partisan bureaucrats. I fought and won the battle to protect voters’ rights then. Don’t let anyone tell you that these purges are for your “safety”….just ask the Commonwealth’s Attorney who was erased from the voting rolls in Bowling Green!

Today’s threats to our elections remind me of the last time I had to step in to protect your right to cast a ballot. Our most American right is threatened. To be able to vote sets our country apart — and to toss voters from the rolls is more than just unconstitutional, it’s Anti-American.

Hear me clearly: I will fight for your right to vote and be counted in Federal Courts, State Courts, and in the Capitol, just like I did before.

Below you’ll find an outline of my previous work on protecting Kentuckians’ right to cast a vote and have that vote counted.

Once again, I ask that you allow me the honor of defending our freedom against all such cowardly attacks. Join me in ensuring Kentucky is a safer place where one’s American freedoms are protected to the fullest extent.






Policy Notes:

In his past term as Attorney General, Greg Stumbo was one of the first AGs in the nation to ensure that citizens were not illegally purged from voter rolls and that there could be no invasion of the voter data or results.  At that time, the Republican Secretary of State had begun to purge voter rolls, even removing Commonwealth’s Attorney Chris Cohron who was an elected official at the time.  Attorney General Stumbo filed a lawsuit to stop that illegal action.  The Court ruled in favor of AG Stumbo and Kentucky voters, which stopped the unlawful purges. Voters must be guaranteed a free and fair election process without interference by partisan or hostile forces.

Recent findings of election interference, Russian tampering with voter data, and other election security breaches show that it is more serious now than ever to ensure that Kentucky’s voting system is safe and secure. Other nonpartisan groups have focused on Kentucky in 2019 as a statewide election to watch for voter suppression tactics as well, highlighting the immediate need to support and protect voting rights for Kentuckians.

Unlawful purges of registered voters is just one of the dangers facing the Commonwealth today.  Greg Stumbo is the only candidate for Attorney General with years of success protecting Kentuckians’ freedom to cast a vote in a system that is fair and secure and will not stop Kentuckians from exercising their freedoms. Greg Stumbo has also supported restoration of non-violent felons’ voting rights as a way to help those who have paid their debt to society to be able to live a fulfilling and law-abiding life.

Kentucky has always had strong laws in place to ensure that immigrants and refugees with photo identifications cannot cast votes unless they are citizens and registered voters.  All IDs of non-citizens state that the holder cannot cast a vote. Kentucky’s poll workers guard successfully against any voter fraud.

As candidate for Attorney General, Greg Stumbo is committed to protecting voter rights.  “Having free and fair elections is one of the most profound rights we have in this country. It will be an honor to continue to protect that right as Attorney General.”

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